Tugas Bahasa Inggris


1. free sex

because if two other teens who are not tied to any kind of friendship is not fair, it will most likely fall into free sex.

2. the use of illegal drugs

because teenagers often roam and play with friends who are not peers, are likely to be introduced drugs such as: drugs, nicotine, heroin, and so on. then the teens if it has been exposed to drugs will feel addicted and addicted to consume them.

3.pregnant outside of marriage and early marriage

because with teenagers increasingly misbehave and often violates what should be done clearly has not been feasible for only teens will fall to do things that are not obscene, as a result end up pregnant and a marriage that was not ready mentally and mature on adolescent self to be done.


losses that will be experienced when mired in adolescent delinquency

we will be shunned all friends because we are not uncommon by their friends because we are already damaged self-esteem.

we will feel the loss because it must get out of school due to pregnancy, and parents will be disappointed also membeci us because we neglect the mandate of the elderly.


way away from juvenile delinquency


we must obey the orders of tua.berteman with friends my own age and not crowded or out at night for no reason jelas.tidak bandwagon if friends want to mischief or play hooky from school only for the purpose of ugliness .always put their trust allah swt


that’s the hope I can convey useful and can be learned. so and thanks



;akibat kenakalan remaja :due to juvenile delinquency




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